Dirty Lil’ Secrets

That Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry


She is the woman behind some of music’s biggest and most talked about artists. In her new book, “Dirty Lil’ Secrets,” she’ll teach you about the craft of breaking into the entertainment business.

You will discover how these 10 steps (that appear to be so simple), when followed can change the trajectory of your career and your life. Each step uniquely qualifies why Cheryl urges you to use this method, if you’re considering, or elevating your career in the entertainment industry.


Discover the secrets that NOBODY wants to tell you about the entertainment industry with Cheryl Cobb’s groundbreaking new book!

Testimonials About
“10 Dirty Lil’ Secrets”

“Signed, sealed, delivered… I’ve known Cheryl for over 2 decades; she’s been inspiring, and has pioneered her way to being an expert in her field, which qualifies her to give advice. We depend on professional opinions and actions to inform us when we make career decisions, especially when it comes to the Entertainment Business. Read this book, and you will see that the best indicator of her relentless approach to getting the job done is the fact that she is always one step ahead of the competition, brutally honest and loyal to her clients. This is what makes her advice and consultation priceless. Cheryl “Best Friend” Cobb is a highly skilled industry professional and I’d advise anyone to read her book “10 Dirty Lil’ Secrets”.
David E. Talbert

Director, Writer & Author

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cheryl Cobb for over 20 years. Cheryl is a very clever and smart entertainment Manager, TV producer and now Author, And I’m so excited that she’s sharing important rules to succeed in the entertainment industry. As her scope of services has expanded, I’ve also utilized Cheryl Cobb’ services as a Road Manager and entertainment consultant over the years. Cheryl is a consummate professional and a pleasure calling her friend. Cheryl Cobb is truly a vision in the entertainment industry and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next chapter brings for my friend.”
Terry Ellis

Musician, En Vogue

“We live in a time when not many things are cherished. Turn-over and volume is the wave of the day. A constant news feed that doesn’t allow you to feel anything for a long period of time. The information and sometimes life itself is here….then it’s not. REAL TALK In reality Experience is what counts and when someone comes along that’s lived the life you want to live and achieved the things you want to Achieve. It would be in your best interests to listen. Cheryl Cobb is that person. She’s worked with, Mentored and assisted many artist(Me included) and is a success story in her own right. She’s earned what she has with hard work and perseverance, common sense as well as book sense. This book I’m sure will inspire and uplift all that read it.”
Will Downing


“For the nearly 2 decades I’ve known Cheryl Cobb, she’s been nothing less than an inspiring pioneer and visionary. What she has done to mold the careers of countless artists and entertainers is extraordinary. Her skill sets, acumen, integrity and vision are only few of her numerous professional traits. Any one interested in working in the entertainment business should listen each and every word she utters because her career is filled with all the astonishing business secrets and advice you could ever want to know. I, personally, cannot wait to see the next chapter of her brilliant career.”
Xavier Mitchell


“Not only is she my mentor, Cheryl Cobb is my true friend. Her knowledge of the entertainment business helped me soar to Platinum status on my first record “Be Careful”. Cheryl’s integrity has been consistent over the years and I’d recommend anybody interested in this business to read her “10 Dirty Lil’ Secrets”…The Game is real!”




“Cheryl Cobb is an amazing manager and I get to call her a loyal friend (even though she’ll set you straight about that in the book). For over 20 years has been elevating artists, business professionals and everyday people, to their next level of success. You will benefit from her wealth of knowledge and enjoy a little piece of her epic life while reading this book. Read and then “act” from what you’ve learned.”


Chanté Moore



Discover the secrets that NOBODY wants to tell you about the entertainment industry with Cheryl Cobb’s groundbreaking new book!